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Hi there and welcome to our blog! We are Alex and Dina Marilyn, BBF's. Alex live in Serbia and Marilyn is from Croatia. We both are addicted to PSP and started tagging together before many years, that is way we both decided to share same blog. Alex love creating tags and beautiful freebies, while Marilyn is good at web/blog design. Here you can find our tags, tutorials, freebies and whatever we find shareable. Below you can find e-mails in case you wanna say hi to us, or have any questions regarding anything on our blog. Enjoy your stay!

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Sunday, June 30, 2013

**CT PTU TUTORIAL - Pink Gloria**

*This tutorial is written by me using Photoshop CS5 but any version will work.
Any similarity to any other tut is coincidental.*

Tube and Kit of choice.
I'm using the artwork of Verymany.
You must purchase a license to be able to use their work.
You may do that HERE.
Kit of choice. I'm using PTU kit 'Pretty in Pink'
by SassiDesigns. You can find it HERE.
Mask of choice. WSL_Mask42 & WSL_Mask3
Can be found HERE.
Font of choice. 

Let's get started...
Open new Conves 600x600.
From the kit past Element #146. Resize and place more on the
left side. Add Drop Shadow, Opacity on 40%.
Then place Element 'SweetBubbles'. Use Eraser Tools to remove
extra sparkles stars.
Under it past two copies of Element #148 on the right side
and one copy on the left. Drop Shadow on 40%.
On that place Element #45 on the right side with Shadow on 40%.
Add two copies of Element #148 on the left side and
one copy on left. Resize and Drop Shadow 40%.
Now place tube layer in the middle. Add shadow on 40% as well.
Add two copies of Element #52 on the right side, Shadow 40%.
One more copy of Element #52 on the left side but under the
tube layer. Shadow 40%.
Now go back and click 'Background' layer. Then open WSL_Mask42
mask as new image. Create mask but use tube not paper.
Make two different tube masks, one with close up
and place on the left and one with half tube and place
on the right side.

Now let's add regular mask:
Open your mask as new image.
Mask layer will be called 'Background' and will be locked. 
Double click on same layer, press OK. Layer name will be 'Layer 0'.
Add a new layer above it and flood fill with color of choice,
or use a paper from kit .
I use Paper #11.
Click on mask layer and hold CTRL+A to Select All, CTRL+C to Copy.
Click on the paper layer, hit Q to turn on Quick Mask mode. 
CTRL+V to paste the mask. It should now be kinda red.
Hit Q to turn off Quick Mask mode
and there should be shown selection on your canvas. 
Hit the Add Layer Mask.
On paper layer, right click and Convert to Smart Object.
Right click again and Rasterize Layer.
Drag completed mask to your tag canvas as the bottom layer.
Resize it if needed.

Add proper copyright and your name on tag.

Hide or delete bottom 'Background' layer. And save your tag as .PNG file.

That's it! Thank you for reading. I would love to see any tags made with this tutorial.
You can past the link here as comment or send them to me on al3x_v@ymail.com

Saturday, June 29, 2013

♥ Ismael Rac Cheeky Girl CT - Sassi Designs

CT tags show off using Ismael Rac's tube 2013 Cheeky Girl, she will be available very soon in his store HERE.
Soon there will be matching kit too. For first tag I used FTU scrap kit from Inzpired Creationz. 

And for second I used PTU scrap kit from Sassi Designs called 'Pink Lemonade'. The kit is already in stores. 
Check out her blog HERE for more info and new releases.
PTU scrap kit 'Pink Lemonade' from Sassi Designs.
Have a nice day :)


Friday, June 28, 2013

**Cluster Frame - Pink Lemonade**

Hey all :)
More goodies from today.
This time I'm bringing you cluster frame freebie!!!
I used PTU kit 'Pink Lemonade' by 
All info about where you can buy this kit is HERE.

**Please do not share file or download link.
Link it back to my blog.
Don't add elements from other kits
or claim as your own.
Thank you**

Hope you like it and will enjoy it
-xoxo al3x-

♥ Arthur Crowe Super Girl - Chichi Designz

Hello everyone! 
I am coming with new tease - CT tag show off using Arthur's Supergirl tube, which will be released very soon in his store HERE. Stunning tube as always. Thanks Arthur :)
And I used beautiful PTU scrap kit from Chichi Designz called Dark Love, which is available at Twilight Scraps. Check out her blog for more info and new releases which will come this friday.

Here is taggie which I made for Birthday Girl Millie. Happy Birthday Millie! Have an awesome day sweetie!
 Here is Dark Love kit preview. Amazing isn't it huh?
Nice job Cin, as always :)

That is all for now.
Have a nice day everyone, expecially you Millie :)


Thursday, June 27, 2013

**CT tag Spazz - Extras**

Hi all :)
Let me introduce my new boss SPAZZ.
Her art is awesome and different. Can be found
only at SpazzArt store.
Also I made extras for anyone to grab.
Simply download one or all :)

But please fallow my rules when it comes to extras:
do not claim as your own, do not alter
in any way, do not add names.

Thank you, hope you like it and will enjoy it.

-xoxo al3x-

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

♥ Arthur Crowe Devious - Set of extras - Chichi Designz

Arthur Crowe has new releases this week. I got a chance to play with his amazing tube called 'Freedom'. You gonna love her. In meantime you can check his store HERE
Freedom will be released very soon, probably this week :) 
And I used amazing PTU scrap kit from Chichi Designz IB KuramaPhoenix 5-2. 
You can get this kit at CDO. Oldie but goodie. 
I like soft colors used in kit matched with dark elements :)
Thanks Arthur and Cindy! 

Here is kit preview from Cindy.

Set of extras from here. 
Rules - do no claim as your own, do not alter in any ways, do not add names.
Click on image to see full size and save snag on your PC.
Hope ya like them xxx

Thank you so much for stopping by.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

♥ Roman Zaric Marge CT TAG show off

Hello! CT tag show off using Roman Zaric new release 'Marge'. She will be available very soon in his store 
Tube has many layers. And there is matching kit too which will be available very soon as well :)

And ofc I used beautiful template by Dee. Thanks Dee, amazing template!

Here is kit preview for total 8 layers :)

Thank you for looking. Have a nice day/night.


♥ Roman Zaric Croatia CT tag show off - SNAG

Hello everyone!!!! Roman Zaric has new tube coming very soon in his store www.romanzarictubes.com .
She is called Marge and has lot of layers - total 8 layers. I used 'Croatia' layer as I am Croatian myself. :)
Btw I made one taggie without name so if any of my croatian friends would love to snag it, feel free.

Snag tag here. 
Rules - do no claim as your own, do not alter in any ways, do not add names.
Click on image to see full size and save snag on your PC.

Thank you for stopping by.

Monday, June 24, 2013

♥ Tony Tz American Beauty Snags

Hello! New set of snags for your today ;)

Here is lil' CT tag show off using new Tony Tz tube which will be released very soon in his store.

Check out his store HERE.


Rules - do no claim as your own, do not alter in any ways, do not add names.
Save extras on your PC.

Total 8 snags :)

Thank you for stopping by, have a nice day.



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