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Friday, January 30, 2015

Verymany - Inspiring CT tag

New CT tag show off featuring new Verymany tube Lucy available - HERE.
I matched this tube with gorgeous FB freebie kit from Scrap it Studio - S.I.S.  
which can be downloaded - HERE. Lori from S.I.S. has great
scrap kits and alot freebies, as well wordart and templates on her blog - HERE.
Make sure you check her out, you won't regret it :)


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

**CT KISSING KATE - Be Mine Valentine**

Hello everyone!!!
It's been a while since I did or post anything but I was sick *sob*
All better now and to celebrate I have CT tag to show off
and wort art freebie for all of you! Woot Woot
I had a play with stunning PTU kit 'Puppy Passion' by
Kissing Kate that you can find HERE.
This beauty is only 1.50$ and comes with 69 elements,
3 frames and 12 papers. For this tag I'm using
lovely tube by MC from CDO store.

Kit Preview:

And now the part you were waiting for... FREEBIE!!!
It's simple WA I made for this tag and tough
why not to share. Just right click on the full size
image and save. For personal use only:

Hope you'll enjoy this freebie...
-xoxo al3x-

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Zlata M - Butterflies at play

New tag show off using gorgeous PTU scrapkit ''Butterflies at Play'' by Dees'Sign Depot
found in Dee's store - HERE
This kit was designed to match Zlata_Ma's new tube Silvermisty ,
 which I used for making this tag - found - HERE

I really enjoyed making this tag, this kit and tube are beyond gorgeous!!
If you don't own this match you should. You won't regret a thing. Trust me.

Thanks for stopping by. Hugs...

Saturday, January 10, 2015

**CT PTU TUTORIAL - White Love**

*This tutorial is written by me using Photoshop CS6 but any version will work.
Any similarity to any other tut is coincidental.*

Tube of choice. I'm using the artwork of Verymany.
You must purchase a license to be able to use their work.
You may do that at VMT store.
Kit of choice. I'm using PTU kit 'And Two Become One'
by A [Space] Between. You can find it HERE.
Mask of choice - FM2
Font of choice - Volstead

Let's get started...
Open new canvas 600x600.
From the kit past Element 78, resize and place at the center. Apply
Drop Shadow - Opacity 45%, Angle -58, Distance 5 and Size 7. Go back
to the background layer and click on it. Now past Paper 3, resize it
to fit empty circle from the frame. Use Eraser Tool to remove paper
extras. Then open the tube file and past close up. Resize it a little,
Flip Horizontal and place little more to the left inside the circle.
Clik on the tube layer and Create Clipping Mask then make a cop
layer of the tube. On the original tube layer set Blend Mode to
Luminosity. And for the copy layer use filter Gaussian Blur on 5,0
and set Blend Mode to Screen. Click on the frame layer above. From
the kit past Element 35 and place it at the frame left side. Appy
shadow - Opacity 45%, Angle 120, Distance 5 and Size 7. Make a copy
of that layer, Flip Horizontal and place at the frame right side.
On those place Element 23 with shadow. Now go to the tube file
and move layer 'girl' to the canvas. Resize it and place little more
at the frame rigt side. Then add Elements 2 and 58 at the tube
head branch. Aplly soft shadow on 30% on both of them. Select those
2 elements layers along with tube layer and Convert to Smart Object.
Then make a copy of it. For the original tube layer use filter Paint
Doubs - Brush Size and Sharpness on 1 and Brush Type on Simple.
Aply shadow - Opacity 45%, Angle -23, Distance 5 and Size 7. For
the tube copy layer use filter Gaussian Blur on 5,0 pix and set
Blend Mode on Overlay with Opacity on 45%. Use Eraser Tool to remove
half of the tube legs. Then past Element 26 on it with shadow -
we use the same shadow for all elements as it's written above, tube
and frame only have different angle. Add Element 74, no shadow,
but use Eraser Tool to remove parts that covers both of tubes. Past
3 copies of Element 48 - place one at the tube right side, one
at the tube left leg and the last one left from the tube, shadow
on all of them. At the center flover past Element 56, shadow.
Between that flower and one on the left place Element 27 with shadow.
On it add Element 16, shadow. Make a copy of it, Flip Horizontal
and place at the flower on the right side. Now add 2 copies of
Element 35, one from center left and other from center to the right,
with shadow on both. On it past Element 

Now let's add mask:
Open your mask as new image.
Mask layer will be called 'Background' and will be locked. 
Double click on same layer, press OK. Layer name will be 'Layer 0'.
Add a new layer above it and flood fill with color of choice,
or use a paper from kit. I use Paper 1.
Click on mask layer and hold CTRL+A to Select All, CTRL+C to Copy.
Click on the paper layer, hit Q to turn on Quick Mask mode. 
CTRL+V to paste the mask. It should now be kinda red.
Hit Q to turn off Quick Mask mode
and there should be shown selection on your canvas. 
Hit the Add Layer Mask.
On paper layer, right click and Convert to Smart Object.
Right click again and Rasterize Layer.
Drag completed mask to your tag canvas as the bottom layer.
Resize it if needed.

Add proper copyright and your name on tag.

Hide or delete bottom 'Background' layer. And save your tag as .PNG file.
That's it! Thank you for reading. I would love to see any tags made with this tutorial. You can past the link here as comment or send them to me on al3x_v@ymail.com

Verymany - Pink Roses

New CT TAG featuring gorgeous artwork from Verymany- tube called Love Angel.
Tube can be purchased at VMT store - HERE. As well check newly released tube Clarice
which is beauuutiful - HERE
Kit used for making this tag is called Rose Garden from designer Raspberry Road Designs.
Link to RRD blog and kit preview is - HERE

Thanks for stopping by, have a nice day everyone :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Barbara Jensen Andalusion

New CT for Dees'Sign Depot  using her new set of clusters called Andalusion Clusters.
As always there are two sets which are available for purchase in Dees'Sign Depot STORE.
Andalusion scrap kit available - HERE.
Andalusion Clusters available - HERE
Andalusion Cluster Frames available - HERE.

Tube used to match this gorgeous cluster is from famous Barbara Jensen. 
Check her store - HERE.

White frames are from SublimeArtDusT, available for free download on Deviant Art- HERE.


Thank you for stopping by, have a nice day everyone!

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Welcome 2015!!! Happy New Year everyone!!!!
Wishing you all the best in upcoming year with a lot of new tags and inspiration.
I was inspired today and did some tags... The first one is CT show off
tag with brand new tube 'Maribel' by Verymany
that you can find at VMT store.
For this tag I'm using gorgeous PTU kit 'Amongst Friends'
by Dees'Sign Depot. It comes with 100 elements,
9 frames, 7 sprays, 4 WA and 15 papers.
Get it on sale with 30% off HERE.

Kit Preview:

For my second tag I'm using the same tube by Verymany,
just the close up. Tube is multilayered.
And again PTU kit by Dees'Sign Depot called
'By A Thread' that you can find HERE.
This kit comes with 100 elements, 11 frames,
9 sprays, 3 WA and 20 papers.

Kit Preview:

-xoxo al3x-


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